Documentary of hyperrealist art

"Antonio López", documentary of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition at La Pedrera

Painter, sculptor and draftsman, for López reality is simply a starting point, in which the process is as important as the finished work. As the artist says: "A work is never finished, but rather reaches the limit of its own possibilities". He works on his paintings over several years, sometimes decades, and with each brushstroke he distills the intricacies of the object or the landscape, until he manages to capture its essence on the canvas.

The exhibition at La Pedrera is the first retrospective monographic exhibition of Antonio López to be presented in Barcelona, and brings together a careful selection of around eighty works - between painting, sculpture and drawing - which allows you to trace a journey through his career of this artist over seven decades of work, from the first works of his youth, from the fifties, to the most recent production.

Catalonia La Pedrera Foundation

Fascination with reality

Fascination with reality - Hyperrealism in Czech painting a documentary about the largest exhibition of hyperrealistic paintings by Czech artists. In the documentary, you will hear the curator of the exhibition Barbora Kundracikova and the exhibiting artists Adam Kaspar, Adolf Lachman, Hynek Martinec, Jan Mikulka, Michal Ozibko, Theodor Pistek, Daniel Pitin, Zdenek Trs.

Olomouc Museum of Art

Denmark hyperrealist art

Hyperrealistic humanoid sculptures are invading Copenhagen's Arken Museum of Modern Art.
They're part of a new exhibit that explores a contemporary trend for lifelike sculptures and our fascination with recreating our own image.

AP television

Richard Estes' Realism at Portland Museum of Art on Art Now and Here

Richard Estes' Photo Realism at Portland Museum of Art on Art Now and Here. Produced and Hosted by Drew Wilson. The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted the exhibit through February 2015. The great Hyper-Realist is featured with commentary on his greatest work.
Checkout (2012) 1:58, 17:41
Reflection of the Flatiron Building (1967) 3:39
Paris Street Scene (1972) 4:55
Diner (1971) 5:57
Double Self Portrait (1976) 7:11
Sunday Afternoon in the Park (1989) 8:25
Tower of London Bridge (1989) 9:24
Brooklyn Bridge (1993) 10:49
Portrait of I. M. Pei (1996) 11:18
Water Taxi Mount Desert (1999) 12:18
Mount Katahdin, Maine (2001) 13:20
Times Square (2004) 14:36
Antarctica (2007) 15:41
Near Hunter's Beach Acadia National Park (2008) 16:40

Art Now and Here

Glass sculptor Martin Janecký

Interview with Martin Janecky. He is sculpting hyperrealistic skull on video and discusses his work and residency at National Glass Centre in 2014.

National Glass Centre

Exhibition of Ron Mueck

Art This Week-At the Museum of Fine Arts
We visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and our interviewer, Linda Mowl, speaks with curator, Alison de Lima Greene, about the exhibition, Ron Mueck. The exhibition is on view at the museum through August 13, 2017.