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Almost Alive: Hyperrealistic sculpture in art

From the 1960s and 1970s onwards, different sculptors became involved with a mode of realism based on the physically lifelike ap pearance of the human body. By deploying traditional techniques of modelling, casting and painting in order to recreate human figures they follow different approaches towards a contemporary form of figural realism.
The sculptures show how the way we see ou r bodies has been subject to constant change. The publication presents artworks of all important representatives of Hyperrealism. From the early pioneers like George Segal, Duane Hanson and John DeAndrea this comprehensive selection demonstrates how Hyperr ealistic sculptures continuously developed up to the current stars of the movement like Ron Mueck, Sam Jinks, Evan Penny, Tony Matelli and Patricia Piccinini.

Otto Letze, Nicole Fritz

Fascination with reality

Hyperrealism is closely related to the Euro-American environment at the turn of the 1970s. This book, which accompanies the exhibition of the same title at the Olomouc Museum of Art, presents Hyperrealism in the Czech context for the first time. Beside an extensive picture section, the publication presents thematic articles by seven authors who elaborate on the concept of hyperrealism and its position among other forms of visual art. However, the main focus is on the cultural and historical connotations of its Czech version.

Barbora Kundračíková

Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds: A Philosophy of Painting

This is the first book to give the famed Spanish artist the critical attention he deserves. Born in Tomelloso in 1936 and still living in the Spanish capital today, Antonio López has long cultivated a reputation for impressive urban scenes—but it is urban time that is his real subject.
Going far beyond mere artist biography, Benjamin Fraser explores the relevance of multiple disciplines to an understanding of the painter’s large-scale canvasses. Weaving selected images together with their urban referents—and without ever straying too far from discussion of the painter’s oeuvre, method and reception by critics—Fraser pulls from disciplines as varied as philosophy, history, Spanish literature and film, cultural studies, urban geography, architecture, and city planning in his analyses.

Benjamin Fraser

Exactitude: Hyperrealist Art Today

Realism has played an important role in art history ever since the discovery of perspective. Here, John Russell Taylor delineates the artist’s endeavor to re-create the smallest detail, from centuries before the invention of photography to the present day.
This book has been published a series of contemporary artists working in a figurative, hyperrealist style. The diversity of such works, whether still lifes, extreme close-ups, large-scale cityscapes, landscapes, or commercial packaging, is revealed. The artists, including Pedro Campos, Clive Head, Ben Johnson, David Ligare, Cynthia Poole, John Salt, Cesar Santander, Ben Schonzeit, and Tjalf Sparnaay, come from all over the world but are united here by their meticulous approach to their work whether they are depicting people, American diners, book spines, or car engines. 545 color, 5 b&w illustrations

John Russell Taylor
Exactitude_Hyperrealist Art Today

Photorealism in the digital age

Comprehensive documentation of 21st-century Photorealism, one of the most popular art movements since the late 1960s. Photorealists work painstakingly from photographs to create startlingly realistic paintings, and where they once used film for gathering information, they now rely on digital technology, which has vastly expanded the amount of detail that can be captured. In these visual marvels they bring insights to vernacular subjects—cars, cityscapes, portraits—and make the commonplace uncommon. Illustrating the book with more than 850 works created since 2000, Meisel covers every major Photorealist still active (including Ralph Goings, Richard Estes, Tom Blackwell, Richard McLean, and John Salt) as well as remarkable newcomers. For the first time he also includes Verist sculptors such as John De Andrea and Duane Hanson.

Elizabeth Katherine May Harris, Louis K. Meisel

Hyperréalisme : Quand l'art dépasse la réalité

Art and the Way is one of the first collections of monographs for youth. Each book addresses an artist or artistic movement in a clear and playful way, always going to the basics, and offers young readers, from the age of eight, a sensitive and concrete approach to art. In the 1960s, in the United States, artists such as Richard Estes, Don Eddy and Richard McLean began painting paintings that, at first glance, look like gigantic photographs. They draw their subjects in the banality of American life: streets of New York, shop windows, cars ... Sculptors, like Duane Hanson, realize more real characters than life. These works have been described as hyperrealistic, because they copy the real with such perfection that the spectator, trapped in the illusion, feels before them a sense of strangeness. Playing with our perceptions, hyperrealism reminds us that we often take the images of reality for reality itself ...

Delavaux Céline


This book is a survey of one of the richest, most controversial and perhaps most thoroughly confusing epochs in the whole history of the visual arts -- the period from 1960 to the mid-1990s. Edward LucieSmith combines a critical eye with a historian's insight into wider trends. His earlier Art Today, a survey of post-war art, became a bestseller. This completely new book reflects the huge changes that have swept across the art world since 1960. Guiding the reader through the complexities of contemporary art, the new book encompasses everything from Arte Povera to Afro-Caribbean art, figurative painting to Feminism, American realism to racial minorities, illustrating and analysing the work of over 500 outstanding contemporary artists. Informative, authoritative and challenging, Art Today is the only book available that provides a clear and comprehensive guide to contemporary world art.

Edward Lucie-Smith

Neue Formen des Realismus

Neue Formen des Realismus - Kunst zwischen Illusion und Wirklichkeit
Format: 20,5 x 15 cm
Sites: 291
Date of publishing:1982
Language: Deutche
ISBN: 3770106563 (ISBN-13: 9783770106561)

Peter Sager

Art conceptuel et hyperréaliste

Art conceptuel et hyperréaliste: Collection Ludwig, Neue Galerie, Aix-la-Chapelle (catalogue)
Sites: 6
Publisher: Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris
Date of publishing:1974
Language: French
General Catalog Registration Number: FRBNF34552926

Suzanne Pagé, Wolfgang Becker

Hyperréalisme: Maitres Americains & Europeens

Introductory essays “Du Pop A L’Hyperréalisme: by Karel J. Geirlandt and “Realites Hyperréalisme” by Jean-Pierre Van Tieghem. Published to coincide with the major exhibition at Galarie Isy Brachot. The exhibition was dominated by such American Photorealists as Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, Don Eddy, Robert Bechtle and Richard McLean; but it included such influential European artists as Gnoli, Richter, Klapheck and Delcol. The term Hyperréalisme was coined by Brachot as the title for the exhibition and catalogue, and since then has been used by European artists and dealers to apply to painters influenced by the Photorealists.

Isy Brachot

CNAC Archives 11/12

CNAC Archives Hyperréalistes européens réalistes européens

Sites:168 pages
Date of publishing:1974
Language: French

Text of authors:
Daniel Abadie, Wolfgang Becker, Pierre Restany, Jean Clair

Centre National d'Art Contemporain.


Hyperrealism by Linda Chase is an English translation of a book first published in French in 1973. In large format, it is profusely illustrated in black and white and contains numerous good color reproductions. Chase's essay considers how the painter uses a photograph: to make paintings about how the camera sees, to make paintings about how the eye sees and as a technical discipline. She weaves pertinent quotes by the artists into the text and carefully provides a vocabulary by which to analyze and comprehend the New Realist art. In addition to *Dept. ofLiberal Studies in Science, The University, Manchester M13 9PL, England. **41 West 72nd St., New York, NY 10023, U.S.A. short biographies ofthe 23 artists discussed in the text, there is an amusing and cryptic introduction by Salvador Dali. Super Realism QY Gregory Battcock belongs to his series of critical anthologies and is a compendium of articles divided into four parts-What is Super Realism; Theory and Criticism; The Artists; Gallery of Art Works. Some of the chapters were previously published in art periodicals. Each section of his anthology includes different views in an effort to present a complete picture of the movement. Before each article there is a short...

Linda Chase

Real, Really Real, Super Real

Real, Really Real, Super Real: Directions in Contemporary American Realism
Exhibition catalogue. 200 p. 86 ill. (60 color). Catalogue of 60 works exhibited. Introduction by Sally Boothe-Meredith; essays by Alvin Martin, Linda Nochlin and Philip Pearlstein; interviews with eleven exhibitors (etc. Ben Schonzeit, James Valerio, Idelle Weber); artists' biographies and exhibitions since 1970; bibliography. Upper spine somewhat mangled; contents fine.

Sally Boothe-Meredith, Alvin Martin, Linda Nochlin, Philip Pearlstein

Ekstrem realisme

Ekstrem realisme. Værker fra Neue Galerie der Stadt Aachen, Sammlung Ludwig (catalogue)
Sites: 39
Publisher: Humlebæk, Louisiana
Date of publishing:1973
Language: Danish, English, French, German
ISBN: 0024-6891

Knud W. Jensen, Uffe Harder, Poul Borum, Hugo Arne Buch